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Funding KnowHow

Funding KnowHow is a collection of resources, news items and links which cover the underpinning knowledge you need for fundraising. Use the drop down list to pick the subject you are interested in.

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Community_libraries_research_2013_guiding_principles.pdf Report on community involvement in running librariesapplication/pdf
legal_structures_v2.pdf Legal structures - a look at different legal forms for your organisation and what they all mean.application/pdf
fundraising_strategy_v2.pdf How to develop a fundraising strategy.application/pdf
Making a Good Application.pdf  application/pdf
Budgets for groups and projects.pdf A guide to setting a budget for your group, and also how to budget for larger projects, including ways to cover core costsapplication/pdf
'Friends of' Groups.pdf Issues around funding 'Friends of..' groups - what they can bid for and what they can'tapplication/pdf
Funding Crisis.pdf What to do in a funding crisis and how to avoid oneapplication/pdf
Community Buildings.pdf A guide to the preparation and planning that needs to go into a project to acquire a community buildingapplication/pdf
Organising Fundraising Information.pdf How to organise your group's records about fundraising so it is easy to find and useapplication/pdf
Commissioning and procurement.pdf A guide to the processes involved, and how to get startedapplication/pdf

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