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EVENT on Thu 21 Sep 2017 : People's Health Trust Briefing

Posted by Peter

Their local scheme HealthRich will run from 20th September to 18th October.

This year it only covers projects in Barnsley.

They give grants from £5,000 - £50,000, for projects running one to two years. It’s a significant grant, but they have strict requirements, so make sure you fit:

Organisations must be not for profit, at least three months old, an income below £350,000 and unrestricted reserves of less than three months.

Projects must:

  • be designed and led by local people
  • support their neighbourhood or community to come together to address an issue that is important to them
  • create stronger connections between people by supporting them to meet up regularly (so not one off events or short courses)
  • be for people who experience greater social and economic disadvantage than people living in other parts of the country
  • Be either:

- small and local, for example, involving residents living in a few streets, an estate, a small village and working in one or more of our 'fundable neighbourhoods' or

- a community of interest - a group of people who have shared experiences, characteristics or common interests and wish to come together to address specific issues that are important to them. They may live across a wider area.

A map showing ‘fundable neighbourhoods’ will be available shortly. In previous years it has broadly covered the east of the town and Borough.

As well as this briefing session, we will also be able to give you feedback on applications you are writing.

To discuss project ideas or applications, contact our Barnsley worker Karen Walke on , 01226 320105, or our Sheffield office,, 0114 261 5141

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