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Facts and figures about sport

Posted by Peter

So, says the funder, what difference will your activity make to people?

This resource could give you the answer. The Sport and Recreation Alliance has updated its facts and figures resource around the benefits of sport and recreation. Split into thirteen categories, from the economy and health to facilities and school sport, the resource now contains more than 180 facts – all with references to their original publications – available for free in a downloadable PDF. New facts include:

  • A study of 9-10 year olds found that daily ten minute physical activity breaks significantly increased on-task behaviour by 8% on average.
  • The long-term annual health costs associated with treating each obese child growing up to be an obese adult are £585-£683 per child.
  • The provision of green space for physical activity could save 1,063 lives a year.

The Alliance will be updating the research regularly. If you know of any other information that you think would be suitable to include, let them know.

The information is here: