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Posted by Nila

Tinder-Box, the business coaching consultants are matching charities and social enterprises with businesses that will work with them for free to share skills and solve problems.

The programme is available to not-for-profit organisations that have a specific business challenge that they need help with. There is no charge to the charities and social enterprises selected. It is designed to bring business leaders and third sector organisations together to share skills and experience and solve real issues.

How it works

Once Tinder-Box has worked with a selected social enterprise or charity to identify its specific business objective, it matches it with the client.

The Tinder-Box team then creates a bespoke programme for its client and the enterprise partner. This typically involves both organisations doing some initial exploration of the challenge together and culminates in a two day event where they work together to come up with potential solutions.

TinderBox are still in the process of putting information about the scheme on their website, it should be available in the next week.

Contact: Lyn Strahan, TinderBox

Telephone: 01598 741 218