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EVENT: Making the Ask: Making the Move - Approaching businesses or individuals for support

Posted by Bianca

This interactive session from SYFAB is designed for those who are preparing to ‘make the ask’ to a either a business or individual for financial or kind support for your project.

This session explores the considerations and steps required to plan your approach to ask for support from a potential donor. A donor is a person, organisation or business who provides something, e.g. money, support, goods or services, in order to help another.

This session focuses on approaching businesses (corporate fundraising), but also considers using the principles to target specific individuals for a donation or support which could make a substantial impact to an organisation.

This session will help you:

• Explore the steps, principles behind and techniques for approaching potential donors
• Consider mutual benefit, motivations and expectations from both sides
• Find out what potential donors need to know about you
• Identify potential donors for your organisation
• Start preparing your approach and shaping you ask.

Networking time:

There will be the opportunity to make connections with other organisations, and practice your networking skills.


Date: Wednesday 28th June 2017

Venue: SYCF, Riverside Works, Jessop Riverside, 800 Brightside Lane, Sheffield, S9 2RX 

Time: 9.30 - 3.30

Cost: £80 per person (lunch included)

Level: Intermediate

What previous participants have said:

“I feel that I am clear on how to develop a strategy for making the ask”

“I'll use the clear steps we've talked about in my job”

“A great session with plenty of resources”

To book a place, or find out more information about the sesison, visit the Training and Events page here.